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FelPro [ES72171] Cylinder Head Bolt SET "Standard" from 36,58 EUR
Product No.: FO-EX245MFIE-ES72171
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FelPro [ES72171] Cylinder Head Bolt SET

  • Cylinder Head Bolt
  • SET (10pcs, incl. 2 smaller bolts for front of cyl.head) 
  • 1 Set required per Bank

Tighten Specification and -Sequence (Manufacturer Info):

SOHC Engine


  • Stage 1: Tighten 2 smaller Bolts (first RH then LH) to 32 Nm (24 ft. lbs.) .
  • Stage 2: Tighten fasteners 1-4 to 32 Nm (24 ft. lbs.) .
  • Stage 3: Tighten fasteners 5-8 to 32 Nm (24 ft. lbs.) .
  • Stage 4: Rotate an additional 90 degrees .

This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 20. February 2008.

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